It is our desire to keep rules and regulations to a minimum. However, certain basic policies are necessary to help avoid misunderstandings. These guidelines are intended to provide you with a reasonable opportunity to get what you are paying for. They also enable the Center to maintain reasonable control over its facilities and related costs. Please read this section very carefully so that you are fully aware of our Center’s policies and guidelines. Thank you for adhering to our policies!


Monthly tuition is based on four lessons per month. There will be no additional charge for months with five lessons. Certain months may have a class canceled because of a holiday. These cancellations are balanced by continuing classes in months with five lessons. Make up lessons are not offered for missed classes due to Center closings.

Monthly tuition is due the first week of each month in advance. We do not send out statements except to overdue accounts. It is your responsibility to keep your account up to date. Please write your child’s name and class time on your tuition check. If you pay with cash, please see that you receive a cash receipt. Cash and checks only accepted.

Monthly tuition is not prorated. Tuition for unused classes, illness, holidays, vacations, snow days, etc. is not refundable. Make up lessons are available for classes missed for any reason other than center closings.

Make Up Lessons:

Make up lessons are allowed for missed classes under the following guidelines:

Make up lessons should be taken within thirty days of the absence, or special arrangements made within thirty days.

Make up lessons must be scheduled in advance. Please do not show up for a make- up lesson without calling first.

No make- up lessons are given for scheduled holidays and Center closings.

Lesson cancellations due to inclement weather may be made up.

Length of Enrollment:

Once registered for a class, you are enrolled in that class until you let us know that you are dropping out. Regular monthly tuition is expected regardless of attendance until you drop out of a class.

In the case of exteded absences in a full class (class which has a waiting list), class placement can only be held by paying regular monthly fees and using make up lessons as outlined.

If you plan on missing a class for any reason, please call the center and let us know.

If your child misses more than four consecutive classes without notifying the center, we will assume that you have dropped out. In the case of a full class, you would still owe for the four missed lessons.

Holidays, Special Events, Etc.

It may be necessary during the year to rearrange or adjust our class schedule to accommodate a gymnastics meet, holiday, or special function. It is not our policy to cancel classes. However, we may reschedule a class for a different day or time, but will do so only as a last resort. Certain months may have a class canceled because of a holiday. These cancellations are balanced by continuing our classes in months with five weeks.

Dates We Will Be Closed:

Christmas/New Year's: December 23, 2020 - January 3, 2021
Spring Break: March 21 - March 27, 2021
Memorial Day/Summer Transition: May 31 - June 5, 2021
July 4th: July 4, 2021
Labor Day/Fall Transition:
Christmas/New Year's:

Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather, we will not necessarily close with the public schools. Please call the Center and check the messages or check the web site to find out if we are open. We will leave a message on the machine and post a message on our web site.

Observer Safety

Visitors are welcome to observe gymnastics classes, however, we do ask that they remain in one of our designated seating areas (Upstairs gym observation; Zoo room for small children) and that they do not interfere in any way with our teaching.

At no time are parents or children not enrolled in the class being conducted allowed on any of the gymnastics mats or equipment. This is for your safety! Please do not ask for exceptions to this policy.

Please do not let unattended children roam the classrooms or building inside or out. If it is necessary that you bring small children in with you to observe, we must insist that you keep your children seated with you at all times. We cannot allow students nor non-students to play outside of the building.

Students are not allowed to wait outside the building for parents to pick them up. This is for their safety! They may leave the building when the parents are in front of the building or the side where they can be seen from the door.

Gum, candy, drinks, etc. are not allowed in the gym area, dance areas, or any carpeted area in the center.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the Center.

Please do not bring students or leave them more than fifteen minutes before class time. Please be prompt in picking them up when class time is over. If you are detained, please call us.

More Questions?
Check out our FAQ Page, or give us a call at 479.521.5373